Saturday in Lima!

“One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been!” – Jackson Montrym

“The awe of excitement, the thrill of experiencing a new culture, and the moment of assurance for my decision to attend medical school all tied up the day I left Athens to come to Lima. Today we went for tourist attractions, had a blast with the new seafood we tried, and had the chance to practice our Spanish with the locals. I have become to be more independent and more cautious after only one day here at Peru. I am very excited to help the people and learn more about their culture. The first day to a new start of my medical career has begun today. In this trip I want to devote myself in the service of the people here.” – Simian Rajput

“Today we explored Lima and walked all around downtown. We got to eat at a local restaurant for lunch, and then we laid out at the beautiful beach for two hours. The beach was full of pebbles which was so different than the US, but so incredible to experience. We ended the day by preparing for the wonderful week we are about to have. I’m so excited to serve the community here in Lima, and I’m looking forward for the rest of the week!” – Ali Hoeffner

“From the weather to the city around us, we are definitely not in Georgia anymore. Today we walked around Miraflores, the area of Lima we are staying in. I enjoyed seeing the amazing scenery of the coast and the many parks the city has to offer. I look forward to touring more of the country¬†tomorrow¬†on the reality tour and learn more about the country we are calling home for a week!” – Mallory Garretson