Service Learning Trips

As a chapter of the national non-profit organization MEDLIFE, MEDLIFE at UGA plays a global role in helping poor people live healthier lives. We do this by sending students on year-round week-long medical/development brigades to villages in Lima and Cusco, Peru; Esmeraldas, Tena, and Riobamba, Ecuador; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; and Managua, Nicaragua.


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Mobile Clinics

At each location, students shadow local physicians, as well as assist with other medical stations like pharmacy, dentist, OB-GYN, education and helping teach public health habits such as teeth brushing. Students also work with local villagers and community leaders on community development projects such as bathroom building in Tena, Ecuador, or staircase building on the rocky cliffs of Pamplona Alta in Lima, Peru. Check out some of our previous UGA MEDLIFE students who have thoroughly enjoyed their trips!

Lima, Peru 2012
Some of MEDLIFE at UGA’s students in Lima, Peru
Ribbon-cutting of a newly built staircase in Esmeraldas, Ecuador.
Enjoying time with children in Moshi, Tanzania.
Enjoying time with children in Moshi, Tanzania.

Development Corps

The MEDLIFE Development Corps is a specialized Service Learning Trip for groups of engineering and architectural students or graduates seeking to volunteer and assist in the planning and construction of community development projects.

Volunteers and local professionals will develop several staircase (or other projects) plans and execute one, leaving the rest to be built during MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics, allowing MEDLIFE to offer high-quality projects for communities throughout all of our service learning trips. Working hand in hand with the community, MEDLIFE Development Corps aims to help communities break the cycle of poverty they are currently in.

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Want to learn more about Service Learning Trips? Check out our Mobile Clinics FAQ page or email our Mobile Clinics Chairs, Madison Kapteyn at and Madison Locke at, with any questions you may have.

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