MEDLIFE at UGA Executive Board

Ashley Stockstill, Co-President

Hello! I’m Ashley and I’m a pre-med Spanish major in my 3rd year at UGA. I’m from Roswell, GA and I joined MEDLIFE my freshman year. Walking into that first general body meeting, I was looking for something to get involved in and didn’t expect to fall in love with MEDLIFE the way I did! Everything MEDLIFE stands for, as I found out, closely aligns with what I want to do with my life.

Caroline Forester, Co-President

Hey! My name is Caroline Forester and I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I am from Roswell, GA and I have been a part of MEDLIFE since my freshman year. I became interested in MEDLIFE after learning about the many diverse service opportunities offered not only locally but abroad.

Emma Jones, Co-Service Chair

My name is Emma Jones, and I am a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience and minoring in Spanish and Biology. I plan to pursue a PhD in psychology or neuroscience with the hope of becoming a clinical or counseling therapist. Upon arriving at UGA last year, I fell in love with MEDLIFE and all that it stands for. The service events helped connect me to the amazing community here in Athens outside of UGA. The organizations we work with around Athens truly make a positive impact on the community, and I was (and am) so excited to be a part of that!

Seena Mansouri, Co-Service Chair

My name is Seena Mansouri and I am a third year majoring in Biology and minoring in Global Health. I’m from Cumming, Georgia and joined MEDLIFE my second year. After becoming involved in the Athens community through MEDLIFE’s service events, I’ve truly become passionate about dedicating my time towards MEDLIFE’s mission. MEDLIFE has made me proud to be able to take leadership in directly impacting communities in Athens and around the world.

Grace Thayer, Co-Fundraising Chair

My name is Grace Thayer and I am a junior majoring in Biology and Psychology. I am from Brookhaven, GA and have been a part of MEDLIFE since my sophomore year. I am so glad to be able to help MEDLIFE continue its mission as a Co-Fundraising chair. My favorite part about being a MEDLIFE member is the ability to serve locally and fundraise to help families abroad. MEDLIFE’s sustainable efforts to bring medicine, education, and development to low income families everywhere is inspiring and why I love MEDLIFE.

Megan Wickwire, Co-Fundraising Chair

My name is Megan Wickwire and I am a 3rd year majoring in Biology and Sociology. I’m from Athens, GA and I joined MEDLIFE last year. MEDLIFE’s mission of community empowerment and holistic approach to patient care is what drew me to the organization. I believe that in order to have a sustainable impact when tackling health disparities you must approach from multiple angles, such as medicine, education, and community development. I truly believe in MEDLIFE’s mission, and I am so grateful to help make that mission possible as Co-Fundraising chair, as we fundraise for the MEDcenter in Lima, Peru. This project will make a huge difference in the lives of so many people, and I’m so excited to be able to work towards this goal with my fellow MEDLIFE members!

Alixanrda Green, Co-Fundraising Chair

Hey, I’m Alix! I’m from Canton, GA, and I am a 4th year majoring in Biology and Psychology. This is now my third year in MEDLIFE, and whether it be through fundraising, service, sense of community, or leadership, I have enjoyed every opportunity that this organization has brought me. Not only has MEDLIFE been able to educate me on the impacts of poverty, but it has also shown me the importance of considering the trifecta of medicine, education, and community development when tackling these impacts regardless of geographic location. MEDLIFE not only boldly states the name of the organization, but also its goal of facilitating families worldwide toward ethical living. And again, whether it be for our own local Athens community or even someone else’s abroad, I believe that anyone and any major can find their niche and  whole-heartedly get behind the importance and efforts of MEDLIFE’s mission!

Madison Kapteyn, Co-Mobile Clinics Chair

My name is Madison Kapteyn and I am a junior majoring in French and minoring in Biology; I intend to attend medical school to study obstetrics and gynecology after graduation. Since I joined MEDLIFE at the beginning of my freshman year, I have been dedicated to helping serve in the local Athens community as well as abroad in order to combat poverty and lack of quality healthcare. Inspired by MEDLIFE’s mission, I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend a Mobile Clinic in Cusco, Peru last December and help out local communities abroad with those who were as passionate about the issues as I am. I couldn’t ask for anything better than spending time with MEDLIFE friends in an attempt to make the world a better place!

Madison Locke, Co-Mobile Clinics Chair

Madison Locke

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Sahil Patel, Internal Affairs Chair

My name is Sahil Patel and I am the Internal Affairs Chair for MEDLIFE at UGA. I am a third-year majoring in Biochemistry and Economics and I am originally from Buford, GA. I joined MEDLIFE my freshman year but it has become a big part of my life. I love how it has put me in a position to fight against the effects of poverty directly at their source both locally and abroad.

Ayushi Vashishtha, Public Relations Chair

Hi, I’m Ayushi and I’m the Public Relations Chair for MEDLIFE at UGA! I’m a second-year Cellular Biology major, minoring in Global Health, and I plan on attending medical school with an interest in pursuing a career as a radiologist. Since my freshman year, I have admired MEDLIFE’s dedication to improving lives in as many ways as possible, including a variety of local service events, fundraising for impactful MEDLIFE national projects, and serving abroad through Service Learning Trips. I personally attended a Mobile Clinic trip in May 2019 and the invaluable experience and exposure I received further fueled my passion for MEDLIFE. I will always be grateful for this diverse and wonderful organization that has taught me so much about poverty and healthcare needs of people, both in our community and around the world!

Candler Boyett, Advertising Chair

My name is Candler Boyett, and I am a 3rd year student from Statesboro, Georgia. I am majoring in Biology and Psychology with hopes of going to medical school after graduation and becoming a surgeon. To me, the best thing about MEDLIFE is the service learning trips. As a sophomore, I went to Tena, Ecuador and had an incredibly humbling and educational experience all while exposing me to a part of the world that I had never seen before. MEDLIFE gives people in developing countries the treatment that they deserve.

James Mull, Treasurer

James Mull